Effect of Levitra

Harmful effects of frequent usage of Levitra

Impotence and erectile dysfunction have created worries for lots of people! It not only creates stress but also spoils relationships in personal life. Levitra has been a savior for persons suffering from erectile dysfunction. This medicine creates its magic by increasing the blood flow to the penis. It helps to gain a sustained and firm erection for satisfying sex.

Although people can buy Levitra online from Canadian pharmacies at a low price to treat their impotence issue, it does not mean, you don’t need to worry about its harmful effects!  Just like any other medicine, excessive use of Levitra can lead to many health problems.

Talking about the technical aspect, Levitra increases the level of nitric acid, which is a smooth muscle relaxant and vasodilator. A number of adverse effects can occur if you take this medicine for more than once in 24 hours.

A headache or lightheadedness:

This is the most common side effect associated with Levitra. It can vary in severity. You can easily relieve it by decreasing the frequency of dose in consultation with a doctor.

Body aches:

When Levitra persists in your body for a longer time, you may develop body aches. It is more common with other drugs similar to Levitra which have a longer duration of action.

Stuffy nose:

This is another common side effect of Levitra. Due to dilatation of blood vessels in nasal mucosa, the mucosa becomes swollen and it blocks the nose.


Flushing is warmth and redness of the skin due to dilatation of blood vessels. Levitra being a vasodilator, frequently causes flushing, especially in the facial region.


This is one of the most dangerous harmful effects of Levitra. If you are taking antihypertensive, then excessive consumption of the drug may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. If you feel dizzy, numbness or itching after taking Levitra, you need medical attention right away!

Other Harmful Effects:

Excessive consumption of Levitra may cause chest pain, chills, cold sweats, fainting, hives, nausea, tinnitus or pounding in ears, nervousness, confusion, swelling of eyelids, wheezing, vomiting and much more. In rare cases, this medication may cause painful sustained erection of the penis, a condition known as “priapism”!

Who have more chances to get the harmful effect of Levitra, even at normal doses??

Although excessive use of Levitra can cause harmful effects to anyone, but people with certain risk factors are more likely to get these effects. They are required to consult a doctor and adjust the dose accordingly. If you are having heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, epilepsy, liver disease, kidney disease, bleeding disorder, stomach ulcer, eye problem, ear problem and physical abnormality in the penis, you need to completely avoid or take Levitra only following consultation of a doctor.

Levitra can help you overcome the erectile dysfunction, but its use without indication and just for fun is not justified. Avoid using it excessively and enjoy satisfying sex!

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